Obi and Belinda Ndu – Your Christian Marriage Conference Hosts

The energy and accomplishments of this powerhouse couple are nothing short of amazing. Obi and Belinda Ndu own five successful businesses with a humble but strong workforce. They have personally trained thousands of individuals in many aspects of life with their finance and Christian marriage resources. Mr. and Mrs. Ndu take pride in their achievements as entrepreneurs, but according to them the most valuable creations God has manifested through them are their five children.

Outside of the worldly success this couple has achieved, they are even more passionate about doing God’s work with their Christian marriage advice. Servant leadership is the phrase that best describes them. They believe in order to be blessed, a person first needs to be a blessing. That mindset is what led them to become certified marriage counselors and create Covenant Marriage Academy, a Christian marriage video series whose sole purpose is to help couples understand, when done God’s way, one hundred percent of marriages can work!